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Juli. 2017

The story of a mountain biker and his experiences with QYZ® natural enzyme products

Frans Claes

Professional Mountainbiker (vegan)
World Ranking No 1. (June 2017)
Mountain Bike Marathon Series
Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)

Belgium National Champion 2015, 2016



10-11. Juni. 2017

Deutscher Heilpraktikertag (German Naturopathy Day) Karlsruhe
Ausstellung in Karlsruhe, Germany


The DACHVERBAND DEUTSCHER HEILPRAKTIKERVERBÄNDE eV (DDH) is a community initiative of the five large nationwide naturopathic practitioners' and professional associations in Germany
Association of German Healing Practitioners (FDH)
Free Nursing Practitioners (FH)
Free Association of German Healing Practitioners (FVDH)
Union of German Healing Practitioners (UDH)
Association of German Healing Practitioners (VDH)




18-19 March, 2017

Lebensfreude Frühjahrsmesse Hamburg 

Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany


Spring is the time for new beginnings. It is the time to schedule the whole year, including thinking about our health. According to Chinese concept, spring is the time to take care our liver. Let QYZ® Liver, natural enzymes, take care of our health.

The themes of Lebensfreudemesse are wide: healthy nutrition, yoga, natural healing and alternative healing methods, innovative products, relaxation, meditation and concerts. Every year, over 45,000 visitors find good health, vegetarian relax simply relax and spend a nice time on the fairs.




18-19 March 2017

VeggieWorld in Hamburg

Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany

We thank Mr. Sascha Herchenbach and his veggieviews TV Team, Mr. Robert Löchelt and Mr. Chris Anthony, Mr. Jochen Eckert and many other visitors to visit our booth and tested QYZ®, 100% vegan fermented enzyme Vital-Cognac.

VeggieWorld is very friendly to the vegans from the north of Germany. The visitors were so enthusiastic about the offer that many exhibitors were sold out well before the end of the trade fair and at the same time gained a lot of good contacts


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10-12 March, 2017


Exhibition in Dresden, Germany

AKTIV__VITAL_2017_400 Dr._Juergen_Prochnow_127

Wir danken Dr. Jürgen Prochnow und vielen anderen Besuchern, die QYZ® 100% vegane natürliche Enzymprodukte mögen.

Diese Bereiche von aktiver, sportlicher Betätigung, präventiver Vorsorge und Regeneration sind nicht nur im Alltag eng miteinander verflochten. Immer stärker rücken das eigene Wohlbefinden, die Gesundheit und der Sport in den Lebensmittelpunkt vieler Menschen. Circa 200 Aussteller sind aus ganz Deutschland und Europa einen optimalen, gesunden und sportlichen Start in das Frühjahr,


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3-5 March 2017


Exhibition in Rhein-Main, Germany

PARACELSUS_2017_400 test_QYZ_supereyesight_167

Dr. Sc. Florian M. Köing tested QYZ® Super Eeyesight with Biopulsar-Reflexograph®. Within about 5 minutes, better results have been shown on the computer screen.

Thanks Mr. Gerald Weiß has feedback for us that his mother has very good experiences with QYZ® Super Eyesight.

The PARACELSUS FAIR Rhein-Main has been successfully organized in the Rhine-Main region for 25 years. It is always one of the most important health fairs in Germany. There were approx. 150 exhibitors and about 20,000 visitors


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17-19. Feb.2017


Exhibition in Köln, Germany


AYOVEGA 2017, the exhibition for yoga, ayurveda and enjoyable vegan diet, in Cologne.


In three days, there are free yoga workshops of various styles, lectures on the topics of yoga, nutrition, health, travel, accessories as well as ecological and sustainable fashion and lifestyle. Here you have the opportunity to get in direct contact with speakers, yoga teachers, exhibitors, to find news, to test products and, of course, to purchase them.


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18-20. Nov.2016

Lebensfreude Herbstmesse

Exhibition in Hamburg-Schnelsen, Germany


Get infectious with life and collect ideas for a sustainable and healthy life.

Whether you are looking for show-cooking events, active yoga, relaxation oasis or sound lounge - at over 100 exhibitors and 120 events, you will experience how healthy nutrition and alternative methods of healing will give you new vitality and make you fit and fit for everyday life.

Thank you again for your visiting and purchased 100% vegan QYZ® enzyme products at our booth.


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15-23 Oct, 2016

infa balance

Exhibition in Hannover, Germany


The infa, Germany's largest leisure and shopping fair, presented itself more varied than ever before.

There were 1,400 exhibitors from 40 nations, who presented their products and services in eight exhibition halls, incl. the world of themes and Special Events. Guan Hong was there to present QYZ, the best natural fermented enzyme products to the visitors.




26 Sep, 2016

1000km nonstop for animals, QYZ® is with them!

Vegan Power! Vegan Energy!


Once upon a Time
A team of professional cyclists called “Vegan Warriors”.
They have a dream to remind people to love animals.
They decided to put their vision into action by riding their bikes 1000 km non-stop from the South of Spain to the North. 

On hearing about this action of love, Guan Hong Biotechnology GmbH decided to support Mr. Jochen Eckert, one of the team members, with QYZ® fermented enzyme products to help him completing the monumental challenge of this plan. 

Here is the story …


QYZ supports Jochen Eckert, a professional cyclist in the project "Transibérica Por Los Anmales". On September 26, 2016 he with the team will ride 1000km non-stop within about 48 hours from south to north in Spain. The goal of this project is to inspire more people to help animals.


Previous achievements of this professional cyclist show that a balanced vegan diet is perfect for a sporty lifestyle. QYZ products will deliver Jochen more vegan energy, comfort his muscles and reduce his fatigue during the long journey.


Dear Jochen, we would congratulate you and your team the success of this great loving action!


01-31 May, 2016

The professional Journal "Naturheilkunde Journal" introduced QYZ®  as the new products in Germany


Here is to download the original magazine:

QYZ® – das fermentierte Vital-Konzentrat aus funktionellen Enzymen

Das Enzym ist ein hoch effizienter und sehr gezielter biologischer Katalysator. Ohne Enzyme kann der menschliche Körper nicht funktionieren und existieren.

Das QYZ® Sortiment besteht aus 14 individuellen Rezepturen, u.a. Anti-aging, Immunsystem, Knochen und Gelenke, Schlafqualität, Leber, Augen, Verdauung, Allergie, Wechseljahr und innere Körperreinigung.

Durch die einzigartige Biotechnologie reiner Probiotikastämme und symbiotischer Fermentation lässt man die Zutaten ein bis drei Jahre reifen. Höchste Enzymaktivitäten von Biomolekülen werden beibehalten. Dabei entsteht ein angenehmer Duft und ein intensiver Geschmack, 100% natürlich vegan.

Die Verpackungsgröße von 750ml bzw. 60 Kapseln reicht für eine Kur von drei bis vier Wochen aus.

QYZ® Produkte sind in der Apotheke, im Reformhaus und über Therapeuten erhältlich.


04-09 May, 2016


Exhibition, Knokke-Heist, Belgium


ECCENTRIC is not only the most stylish event of the year in Belgium, visitors also become acquainted with the quality of life. Creations, which make visitors dream and long for new and unexplored possibilities. The most prestigious brands – from traditional and established brands to trendsetters which stand out.


We were honorably invited to this most high-class exhibition in Belgium. Many celebrities visited our booth and love QYZ products, including:

• Ms. Aisha Van Zele, the cover girl of ECCENTRIC and the famous stylish model in Belgium,

• Ms. Chancel Neves, Assistant Director Miss Multiverse Belgium. Belgium. She has earned the following titles::

-Miss Fashion West Flanders 2012

-Best Catwalk 2012

-Fotomodel Chocolate & Caramel 2010

-First honorary lady Miss Angola Benelux 2009

• Ms. Laura Bruinaars

Finalisten Miss Supermodel Belgium 2016

• Mr. Zeger Garré, Fashion and Art Photographer

• Mr. Arne Rombouts, Journalist VRT, Belgium

Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie




15-17 April 2016

Allergy & Free From Show

Love Natural Love Organic

Just V Show

Exhibition in Berlin, Germany


Three Shows in one. QYZ products appeal to all these three topics. Naturopath therapist, Ms. Yin has found QYZ alongside Acupuncture is the best combination to speed up the recovery process of the illness. She highly recommends these amazing products to her patients.




1-3 April 2016

Lebensfreude Messe Hamburg

Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany


Mr. Norbert Brakenwagen from, a Swiss TV Channel, came to interview us at our booth and he had a personal experience with QYZ’s Super Eyesight product. Within 30 minutes, not only could he feel that his eyes got much more comfortable but he could also see better. Please watch the interview and his experience at these links:




28 October-1 November, 2015

49 Medizinische Woche

Exhibition in Baden Baden, Germany 


3000 Doctors come from all over the world to attend the largest Alternative Medicine Exhibition in Europe. In this exhibition, doctors and experts from all over the world had personally experienced the power of the natural enzyme products from Guan Hong Biotechnology. After knowing QYZ vital concentrates are fermented at least 1.5 to 3 years, and test the vital Liquid, the enzyme expert said: "It is the best on the market."




23-15 Oktober, 2015

Intersana 2015

Exhibition in Augsburg, Germany


This is the first time we introduce QYZ vital concentrates to Germany/Europe. From the customers' feedback, it shows that QYZ products are not only suitable for Asian people, but also function very well with Europeans. This encouraged us to speed up the process in sharing the 100% natural, 100% vegan products with Europe.