Why QYZ?



An ancient tradition fermentation method has passed through centuries down to this day. QYZ’s use of plant-oriented and multi-formula concept creates the most effective function of the enzyme. Different from other general enzymes, in addition to containing fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients, but also precious multi-herbal formula is added.


It is a "strengthening", "focus" and "essential" enzyme product, allowing us to nourish our physical body. QYZ is Ideal for: the families who pay attention to health, adolescent development, middle-aged, seniors, 3C Group who are heavily using their eyes, allergies and so on.


It is a functional enzyme product


  • Guan Hong designs a serious of functional enzymes using natural ingredients (fruits and vegetables) + multi-formula concept (herbal ingredients). Each product has its particular function in helping our body to overcome specific health issues.


(2) Based on 5000 years of Chinese ancient wisdom plus cutting-edge-bio-technology, Guan Hong realizes the Chinese "Medicine and Food are the same Source" concept and the concept of "Prevention is better than Cure". Each QYZ formula is unique and is Know-How.


(3) Each ingredient is fermented independently.
Most of the other enzyme products ferment the ingredients all together. This way, however, comes with two issues:

  •  Different material has the best ferment time. When all materials are fermented together, some of them may be ready, while others are not yet, or over ready.
  •  Different materials have different characteristics. According to the Chinese 5 Elements concept, the materials may compete against each other during the fermentation, thus leading to the enzyme products with less efficiency.


After years' research and analysis, materials generally need at least one year and 3 months to become completely fermentedand the fermentation can present the maximum effect when each of the main raw material ferments independently to the completely mature.


We ferment the material independently to complete maturity. It is unique. After that, we combine the materials in a further process to ensure the materials work harmoniously to generate the strongest energy and yield the best result.


It is bio-technology


(1) The ingredients are fermented at least 1-3 years. During such a long fermentation time, all the processes are accurately controlled to ensure the fermentation is correct.

(2) We have developed the golden ratio among the ingredients to multiply the functional efficiency.


Based on years’ research and development, we have found that different ratio of the materials produce a different effect result. For example, when the ratio of material A and material B is 1:2, then the overall effect is doubled. We have found out the best golden ratio among the ingredients. This enhances the effects of the QYZ products and always makes the products function speedily.


(3) Using the most advanced biotechnology and strain purification techniques, QYZ enhance and sublimate the nutrition. It transcends other products on the market.


(4) Unique biotechnologically concentrated extraction and symbiotic fermentation process produce high concentration of effective substance. Guan Hong also implements a special Freeze-Dry technique to double the effect.


It is beyond herbs


(1) Ingredients are nanosized by bio-technology to let our body be able to fast absorb the enzymes, and then feel the fast effect.


Howenzymeworks_1(2) Nowadays, scientists have found the code of positive wave frequency, which is a similar to photonic codes. It can change the structure of the food and strengthen the function of positive energy. Moreover, it can improve the magnetic field and physical wave frequency. For example, the liver formula can deliver 5 sets of the positive-information codes and 5 sets of the declining negative-information codes to improve every organ in the human physical body.


Each organ has its own keynote, or its own frequency. Specified “Photon Codes” are delivered into the enzymes to refine the energy and efficiency of the QYZ products.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


  • What makes QYZ vita concentrates unique compared to other products?

Answer: QYZ vita concentrates are fermented:

(1) with unique formulas based on 5000 years of Chinese herb concept,

(2) by unique state-of-the-art bio-technologies,

  • at least 1-3 years


2. Are QYZ products vegan?

Answer: Yes. All QYZ vital concentrates are 100% vegan.


3. Are QYZ products alcohol-free?

Answer: Yes. All QYZ vital concentrates are 100% alcohol-free.


4. What is the best time to drink/take enzyme products?

Answer: The best time to drink/take enzyme products is when the stomach is empty or between meals, like 10am or 3pm.


5. Should I drink/take QYZ enzyme products with water?

Answer: You can enjoy drinking QYZ enzyme LIQUID products without water. If too strong for your liking, you can mix them with water. The natural aroma remains pleasant. you can mix them with water. The natural aroma is still pleasant.


6. After a treatment in about one month by taking QYZ vital concentrates or QYZ liquid-powder, should I take a break or continue to take them?

Answer: After a treatment, if the health is much improved, then you could take a break. But we recommend you to take QYZ enzyme products daily to keep supplementing the enzymes we need.


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QYZ® enzymes support a 1000KM non-stop cycling project for animal love






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