QYZ® Ideal Set for Sports and Fitness

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Dietary Supplement

• With Fermented liquid concentrate of Eucheuma Cottonii+Glucosamine

• Rich in Superoxide Dismutase



• Hawthorn enzyme helpful for osteoporosis

• Glial black fungus is rich in enzymes

• Cottonii contains a high amount of calcium

• Vegetable glucosamine is helpful in growing cartilage


NET WT. 25.36 oz.(750ml)

International Product Code: 4712914615046




Comprehensive nutrition 

Ideal meal replacement

Good for

• Sportsmen/Sportswomen who need nutrition and energy, but do not need fats.

• Patients after operation, when the body is still weak

• Those who like to keep a slim figure

• Supplying a regular person's daily nutrition



 Helps quick recovery

 Ideal as a meal replacement after an internal cleanse

 Helps to regulate physiological functions, supply nutrients, enhance physical fitness, and improve beauty



 Contains more than 40 varieties of colorful fruits and vegetables including beetroot

 Rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential amino acids

 The tiny peptide molecules make it easy to digest and absorb

NET WT. 17.64 oz (500g)

International Product Code: 4712914615121


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QYZ® BONE & JOINT - 750ml QYZ® BONE & JOINT - 750ml
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QYZ® MetabolEnergy (Super Superfood) - 500g QYZ® MetabolEnergy (Super Superfood) - 500g
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