QYZ® PulsFit- 30 packets

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Dietary Supplement

• With Fermented Powdered Concentrate of Anka and Rhodiola

• Rich in Superoxide Dismutase


Fermented powdered concentrate (Anka, Rhodiola, Crataegi Fructus, Kudzu Root, Grape Seed, Ginkgo Semen, Salvia, Notoginseng, Mulberry), Natto Extract, Oat β-glucan, Plant-Based Lactobacillus, Yeast.

Useful Tips:

• Directions for Use: Take one pack daily. For intensive, can take up to two packs per day.

• Children under 10 years old should take half a pack per day.

• For best results, take it when stomach is empty, like at 10 AM or 3 PM.

• Shelf Life: Up to three years unopened, in a cool and dry place.

• Storage Conditions : Store below 30 in a dry place without direct sunlight.





2g × 30 packets

International Product Code:4712914615145

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